Monday, September 12, 2005 rocks

Education Week, a magazine I've been following and delving into for years, continues to be a source of information for teachers, administrators and specialists alike.

Click here to access the site. You may need to register in order to enjoy the fine articles and resources on everything from the Law & Courts to No Child Left Behind.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Other SETS sites are valuable, too

Following the link to the Statewide Education Technology Services offers a reminder of some very good technology resources for education.

Though the TechSETS site speaks of fours SETS services, the California Department of Education seems to have pared it down to three. One of them, the California Learning Resource Network, is well-known to me. the CLRN supplies "a one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards." You'll find a permanent link to the site near the top on my Super Sites page.

The other, the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership, "will help administrators find technology resources to assist in the day-to-day needs of their jobs, whether they are site level principals or district superintendents. These resources have been collected and organized by a cadre of technology-savvy, practicing administrators and met criteria judged to be of value to other administrators."

I've placed a link to it on the Administration main page in Development Resources.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

TechSETS helps you manage your technology

My friend Eric Rosburg, IT director over at Napa County Office of Education, let me in on one of the best kept secrets in educational tech support: Rarely touted Imperial County Office of Education has some of the best technology support resources available anywhere in the country. In conjunction with San Diego County Office of Education, Imperial County presents TechSETS, which is "focused on providing technical professionals in California schools improved access to training, support and other resources. With the explosive growth in school technology, the need for well-trained technical support staff has been steadily on the rise.

"The TechSETS site is arranged in six major areas: About, Training, Support, Tools, Members and Help. Learn more about TechSETS by visiting each area, and please let us know what you think by completing our feedback form.

"TechSETS is one of four Statewide Education Technology Services (SETS) to provide support and/or resources for California schools as authorized by AB1761. These services are those that 'are more efficiently and effectively provided on a statewide basis.'"

I'll be placing a link to TechSETS on our Computers resource page under Development Resources.

Thanks, Eric.