Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Literacy Training

I've really found a lot of value in the literacy training meetings we've been having recently at Vintage High. It's occurred to me -- once I realized the need for sources of graphic organizers on the Web -- that it would be valuable for teachers to have links to the best sites for such things as Cornell Notes, Venn diagrams, KWL charts, and what-not.

I loved the PDFs I found at Education Place's Graphic Organizers. And the T4 page at the Jordan School District in Utah is grown up and really on target. The Write Site's Graphic Organizers are tops for pre-write activities for essays and reports, and this page features Graphic Organizers in English and Spanish.

Just in case you don't find Cornell Notes among all the pages, here's a link to a ready-to-go MS Word template. You can print this or just tell your students to open it in Word and click on the gray boxes to enter text.

Enjoy these ways of encouraging students to organize their reading and/or note-taking.